We believe that sharing our experience and showing off a different part of Antiparos – the agricultural side – is crucial to the sustainability and development of our grove and the island. Plus, we love having visitors!  Join us for a tour of the grove and olive oil tasting throughout the summer, or even inquire about getting your hands dirty during harvest in October.
We are open for visits by appointment only on weekends throughout the summer and through our harvest in October. We are also happy to work with you to customize your visit or even create an olive-oil tasting centered meal.
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We begin our walking tour through the olive grove, discussing the background of our grove and the importance of the olive tree throughout Greek history and culture as well as the uniqueness of the Koroneiki tree – the most resilient of all olive varieties. Next, we’ll discuss our organic growing practices and how we have honed every step of our growing, picking and milling process to achieve the highest quality extra virgin olive oil in our challenging island environment.



You will then visit our on-site olive mill where we press our olives just 4-6 hours from the moment they are hand picked. We will walk you through the entire milling process and how each step is finely tuned to guard against introducing defects and ensuring the most optimal quality.



Finally, join us for an olive oil tasting where you will learn to smell, taste, describe, and discover the incredible aromas and flavors of some of the finest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils. After the tastings, you will be able to:

    1. recognize an “extra virgin” olive oil (EVOO) as well as learn how to classify an olive oil correctly with terms such as “fruity”, “bitter” and “spicy”,
    2. understand how to classify olive oil as “defective” based on the flavor profile,
    3. discover different varieties of Greek EVOOs,
    4. learn how to pair specific olive oil varieties with different foods and transform a simple dish with the right EVOO,
    5. understand the health & beauty benefits of EVOO with high polyphenols, like Agrilia.

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